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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Kingdom TV and its affiliates (“ Kingdom TV Affiliates”) (collectively “ we” or “ us”) collect, use, and share information from or about you when you use our websites, downloadable applications, interactive TV applications, voice-activated skills, other digital services, connected devices such as theme-park devices, and off-line services that link to this policy,  or if you engage in business with us (“ Kingdom TV Services or Services”).  

This Privacy Policy applies to the Kingdom TV Services throughout the world. Any additional privacy terms related to specific Kingdom TV products or services should be read in conjunction with this Policy.

As one of the world’s fastest-growing Christian media companies, we offer Kingdom TV Services through a wide range of solutions and under many different programming. The data controller of your personal information will be the Kingdom TV company which provides services to you or does business with you. You can find out more information about Kingdom TV, including our Kingdom TV Affiliates list here.



We want you to understand the types of information we collect as you use our services.

We collect information to provide better services to all our users — from figuring out basic stuff like which language you speak to more complex things like which ads you’ll find most useful, the people who matter most to you online, or which YouTube videos you might like. The information Kingdom TV collects and how that information is used depends on how you use our services and how you manage your privacy controls.

When you’re not signed in to a Kingdom TV Account, we store the information we collect with unique identifiers tied to the browser, application, or device you’re using. This helps us do things like maintaining your language preferences across browsing sessions.

When you’re signed in, we also collect information that we store with your Kingdom TV Account, which we treat as personal information.

Information we collect as you use our services

Your apps, browsers & devices

We collect information about the apps, browsers, and devices you use to access Kingdom TV services, which helps us provide features like automatic product updates and dimming your screen if your battery runs low.

The information we collect includes unique identifiers, browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, and mobile network information, including the carrier name, phone number, and application version number. We also collect information about the interaction of your apps, browsers, and devices with our services, including IP address, crash reports, system activity, and the date, time, and referrer URL of your request.

We collect this information when a Kingdom TV service on your device contacts our servers — for example, when you install an app from the Play Store or when a service checks for automatic updates. If you’re using an Android device with Kingdom TV apps, your device periodically contacts Kingdom TV servers to provide information about your device and connection to our services. This information includes things like your device type, carrier name, crash reports, and which apps you’ve installed.

Your activity

We collect information about your activity in our services, which we use to do things like recommending a YouTube video you might like. The activity information we collect may include:

  • Terms you search for
  • Videos you watch
  • Views and interactions with content and ads
  • Voice and audio information when you use audio features
  • Purchase activity
  • People with whom you communicate or share content
  • Activity on third-party sites and apps that use our services
  • Chrome browsing history you’ve synced with your Kingdom TV Account

If you use our services to make and receive calls or send and receive messages, we may collect call and message log information like your phone number, calling-party number, receiving-party number, forwarding numbers, sender and recipient email address, time and date of calls, and messages, duration of calls, routing information, and types and volumes of calls and messages.

You can visit your Kingdom TV Account to find and manage activity information saved in your account.

Your location information

We collect information about your location when you use our services, which helps us offer features like driving directions for your weekend getaway or showtimes for movies playing near you.

Your location can be determined with varying degrees of accuracy by:

  • GPS
  • IP address
  • Sensor data from your device
  • Information about things near your device, such as Wi-Fi access points, cell towers, and Bluetooth-enabled devices

The types of location data we collect depend in part on your device and account settings. For example, you can turn your Android device’s location on or off using the device’s settings app. You can also turn on Location History if you want to create a private map of where you go with your signed-in devices.

In some circumstances, Kingdom TV also collects information about you from publicly accessible sources. For example, if your name appears in your local newspaper, Kingdom TV’s Search engine may index that article and display it to other people if they search for your name. We may also collect information about you from trusted partners, including marketing partners who provide us with information about potential customers of our business services and security partners who provide us with information to protect against abuse. We also receive information from advertisers to provide advertising and research services on their behalf.

We use various technologies to collect and store information, including cookies, pixel tags, local storage, such as browser web storage or application data caches, databases, and server logs.

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